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posted by Kiwi_go_round
location: Eucla, Australia
June 2, 2010
With it quite cool in the mornings we had taken the trouble when we stopped the night before to try and align the van so that when the sun rose it would shine in on our bed come morning.  As luck would have it we got it pretty well right but unfor...
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Najada Rest Area from 'Najada Rest Area (Nullarbor) 01/06/2010'
posted by Kiwi_go_round
location: Norseman, Australia
May 31, 2010
After topping up the van tires we were off heading north towards Norseman.  The roadside scenery consisted of huge wheat growing fields dotted with lots of small lakes (ponds), something quite characteristic of the Esperance area generally.  ...
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Norseman the Norseman nag from 'Norseman East Rest Area 30/05/2010'
posted by Kiwi_go_round
location: Esperance, Australia
May 30, 2010
Brrrr – a chilly 3 degrees in the van come morning at Quagi Beach (according to our Gembrook calibrated thermometer).  We continue to be surprised at how cold it can get considering our current latitude is supposedly closer to the equator th...
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Esperance West Beach from 'Esperance Caravan Park 29/05/2010'
posted by Kiwi_go_round
May 29, 2010
Today was new battery and get out of town day.  We had managed to secure another replacement battery (under warranty) for the caravan given that the one installed while we in Canberra in October was no longer performing as it should.  The sup...
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Rather damp night west of Ravensthorpe from 'Rest Area 30km West of Raventhorpe 27/05/2010'
posted by Kiwi_go_round
location: Albany, Australia
May 27, 2010
A degree of calm came with the grey of dawn although the overcast sky managed to keep a dampener on the day.  Before leaving the camp area we took a walk down and along some of the beach but with the sea still quite rough and the large swells brea...
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Albany south coast - The Gap from 'Albany Caravan Park 24/05/2010 – 26/05/2010'
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The Van from Burpengary, Australia
Lara & Dmitri having Lebanese brunch from Melbourne, Australia
Surprise surprise from Brisbane Airport, Australia
The Shitter from Brisbane, Australia
Lara & Thilo by the Jarra river from Melbourne, Australia