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posted by Kiwi_go_round
July 13, 2010
Bloody roosters – three of them started up well before dawn and were still going strong when the cloud obscured sun came up.  It was therefore quite a memorable night given that it would be our last night of free camping and with the traffic...
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New canal developments near caravan park from 'River Gardens Caravan Park, Gold Coast (Part I) 08/07/2010 – 12/07/2010'
posted by Kiwi_go_round
July 8, 2010
Our plan for the day was to only travel a short distance to the last freebee stop for our travels being a nature reserve just south of Tweed Heads.  After driving pretty much through suburbia on leaving the caravan park our first stop along the wa...
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Stotts Island Reserve camp from 'Stotts Island Nature Reserve 07/07/2010'
posted by Kiwi_go_round
July 7, 2010
We packed up in the gentle rain that was falling but with the weather a lot warmer it was of no consequence.  It did however make for a rather grey day.  Following the coast road from Sawtell we soon arrived at the sprawl of Coffs Harbour whe...
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From Lennox Head south to Ballina from 'Ballina Headlands Caravan Park 06/07/2010'
posted by Kiwi_go_round
location: Sawtell, Australia
July 6, 2010
Our planned destination for the day was Port Macquarie. A resort town out on the coast and a slight deviation from the main highway north.  Not wanting to keep our lives too simple we left the highway one exit too early so once again had to conten...
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Sawtell coast from 'Sawtell Caravan Park 04/07/2010 – 05/07/2010'
posted by Kiwi_go_round
July 3, 2010
A year ago today we started this adventure.  Apart from the obvious of getting to know our neighbours on the big island this has been a huge reset of our lives from life in the big city and jobs to match, to ultimately life in the country and who ...
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Tomaree NP Coast from 'Shoal Bay Caravan Park – Port Stephens 01/07/2010 – 02/07/2010'
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Lara & Thilo by the Jarra river from Melbourne, Australia
The Shitter from Brisbane, Australia
Surprise surprise from Brisbane Airport, Australia
Perth from Perth, Australia
Lara & Dmitri having Lebanese brunch from Melbourne, Australia