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posted by alicecollington
locations in Germany and France
November 26, 2010
Many apologies for not updating for a few days...  I have been too busy living it up with the boys in Berlin (plus Ben couldn't remember his wireless password).  I will try to make for it now... I arrived in Berlin on Sunday morning after t...
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Berlin hosts - Matt and Ben from Berlin, Germany
posted by nlagoudas
location: Paris, France
June 21, 2010
Our next night was quite the opposite of a luxury stay in Monaco: a 12 hour overnight train ride to Paris on cramped seats with no food or water. We arrived early in the morning grumpy and parched, but once we stepped onto the streets of Paris and bega...
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Church in Paris from 'Beautiful Paris'
posted by Sharrie
location: Paris, France
September 19, 2009
From the gorgeous city of chocolate and beer (Brussels) we went to Paris, the city of love! Paris was amazing.  I tried not to have any expectations as you hear so much about it and obviously it is one of the big cities of the world (Paris, New ...
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Arc de Triomphe from 'The city of love'
posted by jenifer900
locations in France
July 28, 2009
We got up early and left Carentan for Paris to drop off the car and prepare for our trip to Garmisch, Germany the next day. The drive to Paris was uneventful and I found my first squat toilet!  Guess rest stops in France are pretty low main...
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Driving to Paris from 'July 4, 2009, Part 1 - Carentan/Paris'
posted by jenifer900
locations in France
July 24, 2009
Sadly we are leaving beautiful Amstelveen/Amsterdam and our friends Cathy, Rich and Bogart.  What a great start to our trip and what great hosts/tour guides we had.  THANKS Cathy & Rich!!! Headed to the train station and made our train ...
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Hotel room view from 'July 1, 2009, Part 1 - Paris/Caen'
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Tibet Libre Rally from 'Paris: The City of Protests'
Protest Hot Dogs from 'Paris: The City of Protests'
Olympic Torch Relay from 'Paris: The City of Protests'
Tibet Libre Rally  from 'Paris: The City of Protests'
Louvre from 'Paris: The City of Protests'