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Full name:Sharon
Hometown:Brisbane, Australia
Favourite travel experience:

Delicious dinner on rooftop in Istanbul, watching the moonlight on the Marmara Sea.

Languages spoken:English
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posted by Sharrie
June 23, 2011
posted by Sharrie
location: Paris, France
September 19, 2009
From the gorgeous city of chocolate and beer (Brussels) we went to Paris, the city of love! Paris was amazing.  I tried not to have any expectations as you hear so much about it and obviously it is one of the big cities of the world (Paris, New ...
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Arc de Triomphe from 'The city of love'
posted by Sharrie
locations in Netherlands
September 9, 2009
Hello!  It’s taken me a while to get the motivation to write this one and I’m not totally sure why.  I initially thought that I didn’t really like Amsterdam but perhaps that’s because it was in the middle of our two mo...
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Picture from 'Amsterdam'
posted by Sharrie
location: M√ľnchen, Germany
August 27, 2009
Hi Blavellers!  So the next lot of our travels to portray is our journey from Dubrovnik to Munich via a very long bus trip and then our stay in Munich. In Dubrovnik we arrived at the coach station ready for our 5am departure and got on the bus n...
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Chill out area at THE TENT from 'Bavaria is brilliant!'
posted by Sharrie
locations in Greece, Italy...
August 18, 2009
Hi all, so Johnnie covered our stay in Santorini which was fabulous and now I’ll write about our short stop in Athens and the epic ferry journey’s it took to get from there to Croatia! We caught a ferry from Santorini to Athens at 4.00pm ...
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Amazing ceiling! from Acropolis, Greece